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The engineering
ENG Energia i Residus S.L. is an engineering company founded in 1994. Its specialized staff provides engineering services for the design of a wide range of facilities, always considering factors such as sustainability and energy efficiency.

ENG Energia i Residus S.L, can be considered as an integral engineering, able to provide its customers, both from the public and private sectors, a high degree of satisfaction with the development of their projects, also offering CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering ) engineering services for the development of new processes and mechanisms with the help of the most advanced design and simulation tools.

The flexibility and adaptability of ENG Energia i Residus S.L makes it possible to tackle, regardless of their size, projects within the fields of construction, industrial installations, waste to energy, renewable energy, and energy efficiency, in addition to all kinds of projects for technical and administrative legalization of activities and facilities.
ENG enginyeria | Energy and waste
ENG enginyeria | Energy and waste
ENG enginyeria | Energy and waste
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