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Biomass fueled energy production plants
ENG Energia i Residus SL offers its engineering services for all types of biomass plants, for its use to generate:

- steam for industrial processing,
- Hot or over-heated water
- Thermal Oil
- Electric energy,
- Industrial Cooling with absortion cycle.

The powers of our designs range from one to several tens of MW. The services include from initial feasibility studies to the drafting of executive projects, construction management and supervision of the commisioning.

From a scientific point of view, the term biomass, includes all organic matter from animals or plants that could be used as an energy source. But the concept has to go further, as is called to be one of the most important energy carriers in the near future, both from the standpoint of energy and the environment, and contribute to the socioeconomic development of rural areas and reduction in CO2 emissions by replacing fossil fuels.

Although some biomass can come from so-called energy crops, a large part comes from the use of resources or forestry, industrial or agricultural waste that otherwise would become, with the corresponding risk of fire, if left in the forest areas, or dirt if dispose in landfills. In addition, the uncontrolled disposal causes emissions of other greenhouse gases such as methane. Biomass can bring economic development in rural areas. Since it is scattered throughout the territory, it ease the decentralization of power, with corresponding savings in energy transport losses. Also decreases the dependence on fossil fuels
Biomass fueled energy production plants | ENG enginyeria
Biomass fueled energy production plants | ENG enginyeria
Biomass fueled energy production plants | ENG enginyeria
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