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Fluids Dynamic Analysis
ENG Energia i Residus SL, uses CFD simulations (Computational Fluid Dynamics), to analyze the evolution of any situation in which there is fluid in motion. This type of analysis allows you to enter a lot better design of equipment such as combustion chambers, fans, gas or liquid pipelines, chimneys, etc.

Processes including heat exchanges, chemical reactions, turbulence, temperature variations and many more can be simulated with these tools. For example, situations that can be analyzed include:

- Compressible and incompressible fluids in both laminar and turbulent regime
- Stationary and transient regimes
- Heat transfer by convection, conduction and radiation
- Load losses in fluid conduits
- Study of the behavior of solid particles within a fluid
- Studies for aerodynamic efficiency improvements
- Combustion chemical reactions and simulation of complete composition of components such as CO and NOx
Fluids Dynamic Analysis | ENG enginyeria
Fluids Dynamic Analysis | ENG enginyeria
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